Lakshmi Hospital is now NABH Accredited.
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"Shariram adyam khalu dharma sadhana"

Hathayoga, an ancient Indian text describes the body as a tool for performing one’s duties perfectly. And to perform on different planes, the body needs to be healthy. A good health care institution is like a friend who helps in need.

Lakshmi Hospital is one of the most trusted medical care institutions in and around Cochin in Kerala. With over three decades of service par excellence, Lakshmi hospital has grown from single centre hospital to multiple centre, multi specialty referral category of hospital. This recognition and acceptance was not won in a day. Years of perseverance and dedication of all involved has borne fruit...

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Getting vaccinated lets you do more of the things you love.

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Goutham Srinivasan

Excellent hospital at affordable fees. We consultant for gynecologist and orthopedic doctors. Well behaved staffs and nurses. Nurses in infertility departments are well behaved and caring.

Nithin Sebastian

Went here for Coivd vaccination. For vaccination they use a separate building. It is a very neat and well arranged place. The medical staff are well mannered. There is a paid car parking near the hospital which is sufficient.

Sudha AP

Lakshmi hospital is a good hospital. The service is very good. I usually go to the orthopedic department with hand and foot problems. Dr. Nidheesh was treated. All my disease have cured .Im 'fine now and Im'very thankful to Nidheesh sir.

Meghana Vemuri

Well established with professional staff. Care by the nursing staff and doctors was really good. Anesthetist was professionally excellent and I'm very thankful to Dr. Srilatha Warriar for the outmost care with which she treats her patients.

Shaneeja Sharaf

Our family hospital. Always friendly and feels like home and less anxious to go there and very pleasant doctors

Vinod Nair

A reasonably well maintained hospital, not as that of a private hospitals. Cardiology is the best here, senior doctors to all others are really well. I mean good behavior, good treatment line and well mannered simple, soft spoken. PR is good if you go with a concern they are ready to help you out.